Cramond Inn Historic Blue Plaque – 6 April 2019

It is with great sadness and deep disappointment that nearly 5 years to the day since the historic blue plaque in the Cramond Inn in Edinburgh was unveiled it has now been taken down. The plaque marked where the successful search for the grave of King Richard III began.

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Food in Richard’s day: A talk by Alan Pendlington: 20 October 2018

Summary by Gwen Marshall

When I first got notice of this talk I realised we were in for a treat. After all, food is a subject close to all our hearts and food combined with Ricardian history is not to be missed. I therefore turned up with high expectations and was not disappointed. Alan is an excellent and entertaining speaker and the talk was very well illustrated.

This talk was based around a research paper which looked into using isotopes to investigate diet and the way in which the results were picked up by the media. Alan called into question the accuracy of the research and also the media’s interpretation of it. Oh, and lots of interesting medieval diet facts along the way.

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Branch Visit to Carlisle Castle

On Saturday 15th September 2018, 15 members plus a dog (a very well behaved dog despite some provocation from another canine)  travelled from both the north and south of the border to visit this wonderful and rugged castle.

As all good tours do, we started our visit in a tea room. This one was in the Tullie House Museum opposite the Castle and proved to be so successful that we were in danger of forgetting the purpose of our visit. Our martinet of a leader, however, had not and rounded us up in fine style and our tour began.

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Book Review: Margaret of York: Princess of England; Duchess of Burgundy

Author: Dr Harry Schnitker

Review by Sandra Pendlington

This book was published in this format in 2016. It was originally the author’s PhD thesis completed in 2007 at the University of Edinburgh. Unpublished for general circulation, the Yorkist Trust asked Dr Schnitker to put it into book form but it was not until the discovery of the remains of King Richard in 2012 that he agreed to the request.

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